Product Information
Brand Name : ​AQUA
Product Name : WTF
Product Code : AQUA WTF 50000L
Description : Volume 50000 L


The water tank installed on ground is made offiberglass rienforced plastic. The tank will be used for the water storage in accordance with the hygience regulation. The huge water tank is appropraite for the office or the the factory which needs to reverse the huge quantity of water. The product made of fiberglass which well rienforces the tank will be durable through many years. The water stored in this tank will be 100% stain decontamination. The can be installed either on the groung or underground. We offer various tank sizes for you to choose. The shape tank is well designed to be properly installed on the building deck roof, the ground or even on the truck without having the tank leak problem.
- The tank ensures you that it can provide the water supply in case of emergency.
- The tank is durable through the life of the building.
- The tank is removable if necessary.
- The customer can choose the most appropraite size for their own use.