Onduline roofing sheets can create space in the building is a great addition whether terraces, balconies, awnings, or other parts that need additional space. Because Onduline roof has prominent features in light weight. Helping to save the structure Add the convenience of the addition. And features noise reduction reduces the sound of rain hitting the roof light. Create a relaxed atmosphere for the residents.

Onduline roof light roof light is kind of wavy. Imported from Europe and Asia Made from natural fibers and bitumen. Processed to produce high quality Technology with special staining called. Help for wet dye? With natural mineral colors which such methods the color seep into the meat of the plate. Reducing the peeling of the paint. And a color that looks natural Onduline roofing sheets are tested to international standards. Distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide. Can be assured of the quality, durability and waterproofing problems.

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