Company Overview

HENG ASIA is a one stop shopping center for architectural and interior products in the center of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is the largest supplier of home products that ranges from sanitary ware and kitchen ware to water treatment system and office furniture. HENG ASIA is also an exclusive distributor of many brands, which includes Hansgrohe, a luxurious sanitary fitting brand from Germany , Kohler, a high-end sanitary ware brand from America, Franke, a modern kitchen systems brand from Europe, and many more.


Established in 1991, HENG ASIA is a privately owned company that supplies the market with architectural and interior products such as sanitary ware, kitchenware, water filter, waste water treatment system, flooring, home decorative, and many more.

Our Showroom


Our vision at HENG ASIA is to create a sustainable life for people in the community. Our company searches for new technologies and products to decrease pollution and promote cleanliness in the country. HENG ASIA aims to meet its vision by providing people with architectural and interior products with the best quality, choice, service, and price.

Quality & Price

HENG ASIA put its product quality before anything else. Every product in HENG ASIA has to pass its quality check by specialists in the area to uphold its high standard. Price is also a vital factor in considering the products that we offer in HENG ASIA. Our belief is that the product quality has to exceed the price for us to consider offering our products to the customers.


At HENG ASIA, we emphasize highly on quality service. Our goal is to provide the customers with the warmest hospitality through customer service and after sales service. We have experienced engineers and sales team with service mind to serve our customers with care. We are confident  of our capability to provide our clients with the best quality and reliability.


HENG ASIA offers a wide range of architectural and interior products from sanitary ware and kitchenware to home decorations and gardening. Our products are worldwide providing to both our international and local customers. All of our brands from America, Europe, and Asia are all thoroughly inspected to meet our high quality standards.

Other Brands: Karat, Aqua Septic Tank, VRH Stainless Steel Faucets, Rockworth office furniture, Kenzai Ceremics, Uchino, Conwood, T.C Filter, OPI, Grundfos, and Niro Granite.